Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Person Activation Measure(PAM) - Metrics to improve your ability to maintain overall wellness.

There is growing recognition, across the world, of the urgent need to shift healthcare system from being reactive to becoming proactive, from being focused on curative to driving wellness. Current provider-centric approach is designed with the curative approach and delivers poor customer experience, poor quality and high cost outcomes.

To drive adoption of modern wellness concepts, health services will need to be more effectively integrated around the individual rather than being organised around the provider and delivered in a siloed and fragmented way, unable to meet person’s expectations of quality and result.

To drive change in this way, a new set of metrics is needed to measure success, measures that needs to reach beyond the standard “sickness and repair” metrics and allow us to know how well a person is.

Healthelife closes IRS 90 lakh seed funding to cover operation expenses for the next 10 months

We are very happy to announce the successful completion of IRS 90 lakhs seed funding. This investment is to be used to cover the operational expenses for the next 10-12 months. We plan to deploy this fund primarily for product development and secondarily for creating market traction for our solutions. The traction that we generate using this seed fund should enable us to tap into much larger investments for growth and acceleration a year down the line.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Electronic Health Records(EHR): The way forward series - I

Each of us has experienced the frustration of waiting for long periods at Healthcare Facilities when we or our dear ones are not feeling their best. Finally, when we do get into the consultation room, a sense that the doctor is not giving 100% attention to us and the assessment may not be well thought through, nags us. Well! Statistics indicate that 1 out of 8 diagnosis may be faulty!* Who is to be blamed, the doctor? Supply demand situation? Non-Systematic Clinical Processes? Fee based Healthcare? Lack of Family Doctor? …

Less than two decades ago, we had a family doctor who knew our family and personal health history, practised general medicine and had a handful of patients.Today a doctor spends around 5 minutes per patient, instructs test routinely, skims through the test report and comes up with an assessment. To add to this, the relationship between the doctor and patient is limited to these brief encounters.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Visit by professors from University of Melbourne and Monash University to HealtheLife office.

We were honored to host a team of senior professors from Australia in our office on the 16th March 2017, Thursday. They were in IIIT, Bangalore to understand the innovations that are happening in the campus and explore opportunities for academic collaboration. The delegates included professors from The University of Melbourne, Monash University & Australia India Institute.