Saturday, May 20, 2017

Healthelife starts pilot of nCoach app - Be a nutrition coach anytime, anywhere!

As part of our EHR driven wellness campaign, we are happy to announce the beta release of nCoach, a mobile application for Nutrition Coaches. This app makes the work of nutrition coaches easy by aligning with the way they work and manage the information that they need regularly during the course of work. The app is currently on beta release through the Play store and is expected to be widely available by 2nd quarter of 2017.

Beta version of nCoach can be downloaded from the play store

Nutrition Coaches follow an involved and methodical approach that requires the creation and tracking vital parameters to help monitor the progress of customers. Further, one-on-one discussions are used motivate them to benefit from the effort. A transparent and professional operation also requires sharing personal health information with respective customers. This is currently done using paper and limits the number of persons that one coach is able to work with. Leveraging cloud and mobile technologies on our powerful EHR.Network platform, we have developed nCoach - the mobile app exclusively for Nutrition Coaches.

With nCoach, coaches can carry their entire business with them on their mobiles and access information anytime anywhere. It can make their work more efficient and enable them to provide services to more people.

Major features offered by nCoach include...
  1. List of all customers/contacts classified, sortable and searchable for easy access.
  2. Dashboard charts for Business status and Demographics trends.
  3. Manage customers with a integration to phone for sync with contacts.
  4. Manage the status of the customers - from a Lead to Member to Past member  and visa versa
  5. Mark and store some customer profiles as “success story” for reference whenever needed. Easy and instant access to them (success stories) at the time of sales pitching.
  6. Store view and access the EHR details of Customers - list/tabular/graphical
  7. Growing list of use case templates for EHR data collection  - Base Vitals/Living well/diabetes risk analysis etc.
  8. EHR data can be added as and when they happen,  stored at one place for your reference and accessed instantly when needed.
  9. Instantly spot the possible problem areas in the health parameters thanks to range based color coding of the values - Red for extremely risky ; Orange for very risky ; Yellow for risky and Blue for normal.
  10. Convenient list of all the vital parameter measurements together with standard reference range of any customer in one screen.
  11. Share these details and the progress made by your customer through email / whats app / SMS
  12. Invite your friends to this wonderful tool (app) and accumulate reward points

The app is under continuous development with new functionaries being added with every release. Based on feedback from current customers the following features are planned for development.
  1. Capture and store photographs of your customers at regular intervals to monitor health improvement
  2. Additional use case templates that extend the scope of EHR data
  3. Transfer a customer to other coaches. Receive and accept customers from other coaches
  4. Account dashboard to track referrals, reward points etc
  5. Customer interaction and exchange of EHR data through person app.

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